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CAA TACTICAL is the world leader in the development and manufacture of superior advanced arms accessories.

Our products are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of tactical solutions required by worldwide armed forces, Law enforcement units & weapon professionals.

Our products are meticulously tested by elite army units and special law enforcement agencies before production. We use only top quality materials and the highest specification manufacturing techniques for our products to provide our customers the ultimate in arms accessories. Our whole range is strong, durable, easy to use & is a military-standard compliant

Working with special units throughout the world, we are continually developing tactical accessories to add to our catalogue of products, which includes advanced light and laser devices, bi-pods, hand grips, Picatinny rails systems, tubes, butt stocks, cheek rests and much more.

We upgrade nearly all M16, MP5, AK, G36, G3, Galil, Tavor, Uzi, P90, M203, Remington 870 & other shotguns, SA80, SA58, Glock, Beretta & plenty more.