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Product Spotlight: HorusKestrel, Less Weight, Less To Carry, AAA Batteries      

Tired of lugging around several pounds of extra equipment just to acquire and maintain accurate ballistics data out in the field? To get real-time ballistics solutions, shooters have had to hassle with a PDA, a weather tracker, and accessories. Not to mention having to remember to recharge all the toys the night before. Well, Horus and Kestrel teamed up for a solution.

Enter the HorusKestrel 4500NVH. We have integrated our state of the art ATrag ballistic software with the tried and true, Kestrel 4500 Pocket Weather tracker. The result is the 4500NVH, a light weight, ruggedized total shooting station providing the user with turn-key solutions for any shooting scenario.

The Kestrel 4500, one of the most comprehensive weather meters currently utilized by every industry imaginable, can measure EVERY environmental condition in the field. Combined with the Horus ATrag software, the user can quickly and efficiently deliver precision fire in seconds under the most adverse situations. With the HorusKestrel, the amount of essential equipment along with that unwanted weight can be reduced. Less weight, fewer batteries, and a more ergonomic design leaves the user feeling unecumbered.

The HorusKestrel fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, and while environmental data is being collected, you can plug in your data to the 4500NVH, and immediately integrate weather with ballistic requirements, providing you an instant solution! The HorusKestrel total station weighs just 4 ounces, and is powered by AAA batteries, meaning that you don't have to look for an electrical outlet on the side of some mountain to recharge your kit.

More importantly, you no longer need to manually retrieve data from a weather tracker and type it into a PDA. That chore now happens automatically within the HorusKestrel minimizing data-entry mistakes. You can focus your attention where it should be; down range on your target!

A multitude of essential features are packed into this tough little unit. Designed to meet IP67 and MIL-STD-810G requirements, the 4500NVH is extremely rugged. The case is slip resistant, waterproof, and incorporates an optical filter to reduce overall brightness which preserves night vision, giving you military-grade low light shooting capabilities and durability for a fraction of the cost. The 4500NVH high-level wind and digital-compass precisely measure environmental conditions, using exterior temperature, humidity and pressure sensors. With its "snapshot" setting of target bearing and wind direction, you can instantly recalculate on the fly using "real-time" data. This means accurate engagements on the target every time!

Horus and Kestrel use the concept that "simple is better". With that in mind, the 8 button control panel reduces the need for a larger, bulkier unit. Both Horus and Kestrel have exceeded the industry's expectations integrating command features making this one of the most efficient units on the market. Saving Data of previous engagements has never been easier. And without much sweat, you can create up to five targets customized for location, distance, direction, declination and wind values.

Unlike most other ballistics software, ATrag takes into account gravity, bullet spin and coreolis effect. These subtle factors heavily impact where your bullet strikes in relation to your intended target for long-range shooting. It's one of the main reasons ATrag has been repeatedly chosen by several Special Operations units serving our warfighters throughout the globe in hostile environments.

Feature Highlights

• Powered by AAA batteries
• Simple 8 button control panel
• Blue tooth capable
• Customizable data storage -50 gun/ammo combinations
• "Snap shot" automated data population
• Time and date
• Easy- to-read Night Vision backlit display
• Data Logger (automatic and manual – weather only)
• Wind Minimum, Maximum and Average values
• Multi-Function 3-line display
• Humidity sensor with in-field recalibration capabilities
• Exterior temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors for fast and accurate readings
• Customize screens to display user-selected measurements
• Flip-top impeller cover allows use of other functions while protecting the impeller
• Upload to a computer (with optional interface)
• Made in the USA

The HorusKestrel 4500NVH combines high end technology in a light weight package, giving the shooter and edge when "second chances" are very rare! Every advantage must be exploited when your life is on the line. The Horus/Kestrel - first time, every time.

FREE HKGunLoader Software
HorusKestrel Accessory

If you decide to try the HorusKestrel, don't miss out on this free PC software that works with it. Called HKGunLoader, it makes managing gun files for your HorusKestrel way easier.

Due to the nature of interface navigation on handhelds, editing gun files on the HorusKestrel sometimes requires many clicks and screen views. That's where HKGunLoader comes in. On just one simple PC screen, you can comfortably create and edit gun files, then transfer over to your HorusKestrel for use in the field.

HKGunLoader doesn't just make life more comfy. It brings something extra to the table: a bonus database of popular guns and ammunition loads for use in Horus-Kestrel gun files. This database isn't contained on the HorusKestrel itself; you can only get at it through HKGunLoader. You can use it to create reliable gun/ammo profiles in just a few clicks. From there, sky's the limit: create up to 900 unique profiles using the database contents. Save those bad boys on your PC, and then selectively transfer up to 50 at a time to the HorusKestrel. That way you can store customized lists on PC, and then pick and choose whichever suits your needs on any given day.

For transferring files back and forth between PC and HorusKestrel, there are two options. You can use Bluetooth if, and only if, you have a Bluetooth-enabled version of the HorusKestrel. For those of you who didn't snag the Bluetooth enabled version can buy an optional Kestrel Interface cradle that lets you transfer data via USB cable. Visit our website for further requirements.

By the way, did we mention that HKGunLoader is FREE? Free for download, free for use. Download it now, or learn more by visiting our webpage.

Hot Off The Press: HorusKestrel and HKGunLoader Now Available at Horusvision.com

Both the HorusKestrel and HKGunLoader are available now through the Horus Vision website.

The HorusKestrel comes in two colors, olive drab and desert tan, and can be purchased with or without Bluetooth capabilities. Visit our website's HorusKestrel product page to purchase now or learn more.

HKGunLoader is free accessory software for the HorusKestrel. It runs on most PCs and is available now for free download and use. To download now or learn more, visit our website's HKGunLoader product page.